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“As a father and grandfather, I believe it is our responsibility to leave this world better off for our next generation. We have been blessed with the incredible beauty around us and it is so important that we can provide a clean, safe, and sustainable community to thrive in. I would be honored if you would join me in my fight for a safer, better infrastructure and cleaner environment in Buncombe County. Please vote for me, John Anderson, on November 8th for State Senate District 49.”

John Anderson 
State Senate 49

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"I had the pleasure of working for about 10 years with John Anderson when I was the President of the Illinois Manufacturing Extension Center. This center was part of a nationwide network of not-for-profit manufacturing technology centers supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and funding from industry.  John was the leader of efforts by the California Manufacturing Technology Center to improve Manufacturing competitiveness and employment in his state.  
We worked together on two national initiatives. One was focused on improving the competitiveness of Aerospace industry suppliers. The other was a nationwide initiative to improve supply chain competitiveness across all Industries.  As a result of these initiatives, more than 10,000 manufacturing jobs were created or retained.  Manufacturing is a key sector of the US economy. Each manufacturing job created or retained results in a 2.5 multiplier effect on national employment and income.  John's outstanding problem-solving skills and his ability to work collaboratively with others made him a major contributor to both the design and implementation of these important initiatives." 
Bob Weinstein, President Emeritus 
Illinois Manufacturing Extension Center 

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